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Coal based activated carbon pellets
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With high quality anthracite as raw material, activation and the use of advanced technology refined processing carbide, coal activated carbon pellets has a reasonable pore structure, large surface area, light weight, strong adsorption capacity, good abrasion resistance, high mechanical strength and long working time. It is widely used for spray booth, organic solvents,volatile gas masks toxic gas purification, gas processing, industrial and domestic water purification, solvent recovery and so on.

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Zhengzhou Zhulin Activated Carbon Development Co.,LTD
Henan, China
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  • Advantages of Coal Carbon Pellets:
    High CTC absorption
    High iodine value.
    ​​​​​​ Low ash.
    Low moisture.
    Customized size.

Coal activated carbon is widely used for purification of exhaust gas, chemical raw material gas, chemical synthesis gas, gas for pharmaceutical industry, carbon dioxide gas for beverages, purification of hydrogen gas, nitrogen gas, hydrogen chloride, ethane gas, purification and separation of atomic facility exhaust, etc. There is also impregnated activated carbon, such as KOH activated carbon, NaOH activated carbon, sulfur impregnated activated carbon, desulfurization and DE nitrification activated carbon, acid wash activated carbon for removing special harmful gases.
•  Gas filter                                   
•  H2S and other waste gases purification     
•  Sewage treatment                      
•  Drinking water      
•  Odor in the wastewater             
 Automotive for carbon canisters 
•  Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen 
•  Smoking room filter
•  Painting workshop
•  Gas purification ( Recovery unit of Coating company)
•  VR unit in petroleum refinery
•  Desiccant material 
•  Respirators industries
•  Removal ammonia gas 
•  Refinery, gas station, oil tank excess gasoline recovery
•  Air conditioner
•  MTBE purification

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