AquaEnergy Expo is a global exhibition in the water and energy field which includes a magazine, a Knowledge hub, and a virtual expo.



1-What is AquaEnergy Expo website?
AquaEnergy Expo is a global exhibition in the water and energy field which includes  a virtual expo, a magazine, a Knowledge hub  and Jobs platform.

The website is concerned with transferring knowledge, technology and experience in the field of water and energy technology, So we work to connect the seller and the buyer to each other easily. Whatever the country of the parties, as we provide a flexible online system that allows everyone to search for their trade through the website.

 AquaEnergy Expo provides an information center and a magazine that is concerned with publishing everything related to the water and Energy field and covering the latest technologies and news around the globe. It also contains an information center that includes thousands of books and references on water science, energy and engineering.
2- How can I create an account on the website?
You can create an account on the website through simple procedures:
  • Click on Register button.
  • Fill in the account registration form with required data
  • (First name, last name, e-mail, mobile number, Gender, password).
  • Activate the account by clicking on the link and/or enter the code sent via e-mail or mobile number
If you have a problem with registration on the   website, or if you are unable to receive the code although the email and mobile number are valid, you can contact our customer agent’s services
3- How do I get my account information back?
If you forgot your account information (user name or password) you can contact customer service and provide us with the required data to try to help you get your account information back.
4- How do I reset my password?
If you want to reset your password because other people know it, to increase the security and privacy of your account on the website, or because you have forgotten your password
, you can click on "Account setting < Click on “Change Password” and follow the existing security steps.
5- What are the type of services available through the website?
Through the website, we make it possible to provide water and energy technology services and products, so each seller can offer what he has of water technology services and products All over the world
6- Is it free to use AquaEnergy Expo website?
We provide website services to sellers wishing to offer their services and products through the website for a fee set by the website administration, which may vary from time to time, while website services are free for the buyers.
7- What is the scope of website service delivery?
Website services are available to all our customers of sellers and buyers all around the world.
8- How are services and products added to the website?
Basically, the seller adds services, products, and full content to the website by himself, and the seller can request product and service data registration services provided by the website at an additional cost.
9- How can I buy?
We do not provide buying and selling services through the website, and you can contact the seller directly if you wish to buy any of his services or products through contact details available on the service or product profile.
10- Does the website receive buyers' payments?
No, the website does not receive any payments from buyers to give them to sellers or vice versa, and you pay directly to the seller.
11- How is shipping done?
Shipping is done by direct agreement between the seller and the buyer on all details, including the shipment volume, the shipping cost, the shipping method, the shipping official, and the ID of the recipient, without intervention or brokerage from the website.
12- Can I make a review?
Yes, you can .It’s permitted to make a review on our website and contact sellers to achieve maximum credibility and improve the website's services continuously.
13- Can I get a refund of the paid fees?
All website fees are non-refundable, and you can use the website services for fees paid during the subscription Time
14- Does the website include a Magazine and knowledge Hub?
AquaEnegy Expo provides an information center and a magazine that is concerned with publishing everything related to the water field and covering the latest technologies and news around the world. It also contains knowledge Hub that includes thousands of books and references on water science and engineering.
The magazine provides the latest news and articles for a wide range of readers interested in the latest developments and latest technologies in the field of water technology, along with providing a wide range of free books and references to spread knowledge to all workers in the field of water and energy technology.
The website aims to cover the latest developments and technologies in the field of water technology through the magazine, in addition to spreading basic knowledge and various sciences related to the field of water through the free information center.
15- Does the website provide an email newsletter?
Yes, the website provides an email newsletter that you can subscribe to via your e-mail, and we will send group messages to all our subscribers that include the latest news, information, and developments in the field of water and energy technology.
16- How can I unsubscribe from the email newsletter?
If you want to unsubscribe from the email newsletter, you can contact us via the available contact details and tell us you want to unsubscribe, and we will unsubscribe you within a reasonable term.
17- How can I contact sellers?
The website provides you with an easy way to communicate with suppliers and sellers, as next to the name of the seller, you will find an accessible WhatsApp icon to click on, then you will be able to chat with the seller directly.
18- Does contacting the seller mean that I have to buy?
It is not obligatory to have a deal with the first seller with whom you connected and you have the choice to deal with another one until you find what you want exactly
19- Will the website interfere in dispute settlement?
 In case there is any dispute or disagreement between the seller and the buyer, each one of them has the right to take legal actions against the other  without reference to the website, as the website won’t interfere at all. However, the sellers who complain a lot, the suspension of their account will be considered.  
20- How can I contact the website administration?
You can contact AquaEnergy Expo website customer service through the following means of communication:
Our Community on Social Media Platforms


Important Notice: The knowledge Hub contains more than (10000) files, all files are verified open source files, we have written the references as possible, however, if you found any file has copyrights, please contact us via WhatsApp (+201030360799) to remove it immediately, also you can send any file to upload and we will write your data in the references.

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