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Pressure relief valve
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The VCP safety valve is the ultimate measure when the silo structure is compromised under abnormal pressure conditions. This is why a sudden overpressure or suction pressure situation in the silo must be dealt with immediately. Although ideally no pressure relief valve should be used, an effective and reliable safety valve must be provided for emergencies.

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  • When abnormal pressures endanger the silo structure, the VCP safety pressure valve is the last resort. This is why it is necessary to deal with the sudden overpressure or under pressure in the silo. 
  • Even if the safety pressure valve is in an ideal state that has never been activated, it must be guaranteed to be efficient and reliable when it is needed. 
  • After more than 100,000 applications worldwide, the VCP safety pressure valve has proven to be completely reliable in different situations.
The composition of the VCP safety pressure valve is
a cylindrical shell with a bottom flange for connection to the top sleeve of the silo; a disc-shaped iron inner cover, in the case of negative pressure, the spring rod in the center works; In the event of overpressure, the outer iron ring operates and is positioned by three spring rods, washers and a corrosion protection shield.

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