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Waterproof Membrane Switch
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How do waterproof membrane switches work?
  • Water and heat can be effectively avoided by installing a closed side waterproof frame, embedding the lines in it, and sealing the lead-out channels.
  • Moisture penetrates the product from the side to prevent the silver paste of the LED and key circuits from oxidizing, resulting in product function failure. 
  • Furthermore, the space between the upper and lower circuit surfaces is conductive.
  • There are no through holes within 5m/m of the line, and the interlayer ventilation holes are not open to the exterior.

The benefits of waterproof membrane switches.

  1. As a result, moisture absorption by the adhesive layer reduces the wire's insulation resistance while improving moisture penetration into the circuit. Thus, it is capable of preventing
  2. The benefits of high water and moisture resistance. Membrane switches with high waterproof performance have the following features: The product is made of high-performance waterproof materials.
  3. Used in 95% humid conditions. Don't worry about the rain; it may be utilized in tough conditions. If the line employs Flex printed circuit rather than PE
  4. As a circuit, the membrane switch's waterproof performance will be improved.
  5. Because of this, waterproof flexible membrane switches often have a longer service life than standard membrane switches and can be utilized in harsher situations, although they are more expensive.
  6. The price is likewise quite exorbitant. The membrane switch can establish a superior airtight seal and protective barrier due to its waterproof frame and high waterproof performance materials.
  7. Even if it rains, it is still functional. If you have any additional questions concerning the waterproof frame membrane switch, please contact the membrane button manufacturer.

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