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MS® Robinson UPW System For microelectronics
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Membrane Solutions, LLC.
Shanghai, China
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  • Membrane Solutions provides a complete solution for the design of the pre - design,Robinson UPW System has high reliability, simple operation, low cost, stable water quality treatment and better effect of pollutant removal, etc. The system can meet the from 375 gpd to 288000 gpd (0.06 m3 ’h to 45.4 m3 / h) of flow demand.

  • Electrolytic capacitor production of aluminum foil and working parts of the cleaning
  • Electronic tube production, picture tube and cathode ray tube
  • Black and white picture tube screen production, glass cleaning, washing, wetting, precipitation, membrane with water pipe neck cleaning
  • The screen surface of the LCD display is required to be cleaned with pure water and with water.
  • Water is mainly used for cleaning of silicon wafers in the production of transistors.
  • High purity water wash in the production of integrated circuits
  • Semiconductor materials, components, printed circuit boards and integrated circuits
  • Semiconductor materials, material production, processing, wafer cleaning
  • High quality picture tube, fluorescent powder production

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